Clinical Lab Software

Tracking every aspect of care is essential to survival in today’s healthcare environment. All we need is the support from you to do this service without any interruptions.

Our goal and yours is to make a perfect result by reducing test result errors. Our Lab Software manages this information and facilitates best practices to help reduce medication errors, improve quality of care, streamline clinical workflows and deliver potential cost saving. Clinicians can use touch screen laptop or tablet; home health aides can use the telephone or smartphone. All data integrates to the single patient record for easy access and review.


  • Clinical lab software is the computer application that helps you entry everything about the lab test you perform.
  • Every minute details of the tests you perform can be stored and can be retrieved at any period.
  • It includes the test entry option for the user to add any new test with custom variables any values.
  • It has a special feature of highlighting any abnormal values to the user as well as patients.

Key Features

  1. Reduced costs and improved efficiency
  2. Improved transparency to lab work status
  3. Flexibility to accommodate new requirements
  4. Improved quality and compliance
  5. SMS & Email Integration

Medical Laboratory Management

  • Investigation history
  • Stylish Report Printing
  • Highly customizable Report Printing Formats
  • Lab Technician Details

Easy Add/Edit/Search

  • Add/edit customer, Add/edit Doctor, Edit test, Patient search.


  • Summary report (Investigation report),
  • Discard sample type report, Print reports,
  • Receipt print out
  • Doctor wise ( Monthly and daily report)

Internet & Intranet Based

  • Consist of Unlimited LAN terminals license, plus host of new features added. Complete package for making hi-tech automated pathology laboratory.


  • Maxim LIS comes with Billing,
  • Patients can access reports via Internet using Login Name and Password, Software as per NABL Guidelines.

Test Results

  • Auto Load Default Test Results,
  • Add / edit Test Result Patient Entry,

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